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  • “Shred-A-Vision” The Movie…  Itunes & Collectors DvD

    “Shred-A-Vision” The Movie… Itunes & Collectors DvD

    “Are you tired of watching boring television? Wish you could change what you see? Well you can now…. A secret new invention for the TV will turn your snowboarding world upside down. Plug in your copy of “Shred-A-Vision” from WildCard Snowboarding and shred your TV. It makes regular boring shows a snowboarders paradise!” Collectors DvD on sale now. $19.99   Get your copy today. Get “Shred-A-Vision” on Itunes  

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  • “The Saturday Night Ride” Collectors DVD & Directors Cut Download

    “The Saturday Night Ride” Collectors DVD & Directors Cut Download

    When an ex pro snowboarder is released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, the snowboarding world he thought he could return to has become something far beyond his wildest dreams. Pro wrestling and snowboarding have become fused into an all-new sport. Every Saturday night championship bouts are broadcast live on prime time TV. The riders have all become obsessed with battling each other in the ring and on the jump, in a quest to gain the world championship [...]

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  • “How The NorthWest Was One” Collectors DvD and Digital Download…

    “How The NorthWest Was One” Collectors DvD and Digital Download…

    It’s 2012, and the economy has crashed completely. The snowboarding industry is non-existent, and Washington is brought back to the times of the wild west. Outlaws and renegades struggle to survive.      In the Pacific northwest there is a small band of riders who’s passion for riding and filming still fuels there will to live, and there is a bounty out to collect footage of these outlaws. But bounty filmers are few and far between, and the competition to film [...]

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  • SuperPark 16 Seth Hill

    SuperPark 16 Seth Hill

    Seth Hill must’ve jumped a few hundred times at Mt Bachelor during Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark 16. It was five days of intense shred with most of snowboarding’s best riders. He earned the Gatorade “Go All Day Award” for his non-stop shred hammers from 5am-8pm at night or later on some of the biggest snowboard features to date. Video by Jeremy Dubs. Check out more from Seth in Wildcard movies’ Fall 2012 Release, WCTV: Wildcard Television. http://www.wildcardmovies.com

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  • Patrick McCarthy rips apart Mt Baker

    Patrick McCarthy rips apart Mt Baker

    Patrick McCarthey rips up Mt Baker with the 686 team.. Check this sick vid we put together…

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  • WildNights Episode 2

    WildNights Episode 2

    The WC crew is at it again… One week has passed since our last shoot. That night of trial and error left everyone with a bad taste in their mouths and the crew was starving for another try at keeping the jib a blaze long enough to get the shot. Join Sebi Geiger, Joe Bosler, & Andy Bergin-Sperry for this Wild Nights mission as they get creative with snowboarding on some logs and fire.

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  • Crystal Mountain Pow with Andy Bergin-Sperry

    Crystal Mountain Pow with Andy Bergin-Sperry

    Andy shot this video the first Saturday Crystal Mountain opened for the 2011/2012 season. Blue bird weather and deep pow was one hell of a way to kick the season off! The video is shot with a Contour Roam mini HD camera mounted to a tree branch I’m holding. More videos to come all season long!

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  • Forrest Burki knows pillows

    Take a ride on the Gypsy Queen with Forrest Burki. Forrest likes to Pickle up his snowboard quiver and Billy Goat the Dirty Pillows as if they were some form of a mountain skate park…. In a nutshell, FORREST RIPS! gnu.com/team/mens-pro/forest-burki/ Choice footage provided by…. Nick Ennen and Scott Studach

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